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ANAN Exam Past Questions and Answers: Are you about to write Association of National Accountants of Nigeria (ANAN) professional examination? If yes, the latest editions of the past question papers are available on this page. In order for you to prepare efficiently for the forth coming exam, ANAN study pack will be a helpful resource material which are available here.

We bring you up to date past question papers for ANAN examinations on this page for PDF download. Our material are relevant to the PEA program and PEB program of Association of National Accountants of Nigeria, and all the courses in the program. You can’t afford to miss this opportunity of getting the latest copies of the question papers on this page.

This material exposes you to the past examination questions, and you will also be able to understand the examination pattern and the nature of the exams. We have also provided solutions to these questions, so that you don’t have to bother about the correct answers. We also provide past questions for resit examinations on this page and they are also up to date.

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The question papers we provided on this page for ANAN exam are trusted by many, so you don’t have to be disturb. We are going to show you samples of the past questions on this page. However, it is worthy to say that the samples are limited in number as they are excerpt from the complete past question papers. They are meant to give you an idea about the document you are about to download. If you must get the complete question papers after going through the samples, then you’ll have to place an order to get it.

An instruction will be given on how to download the complete material. It usually takes less than one minutes to download the material on this page after your order is confirmed. In the sections below, you will be able to find the contents for each exam category.

ANAN PEB Past Questions

  • Advanced cooperate reporting
  • Advanced taxation
  • Cooperate law
  • Advanced management accounting
  • Forensic accounting
  • Public sector accounting and finance
  • Corperate governance
  • Basic french II.

ANAN PEA Past Questions

  • Information systems and technology for business
  • Finance and financial management
  • Entrepreneurial development
  • Auditing and assurance service
  • Corporate reporting
  • Environmental, oil and gas accounting
  • Professional values and ethics in accounting
  • Basic french.

ANAN Past Questions

You can go through the samples below.

1. What does financial statements reflects?
a) profitability
b) All of these
c) financial position
d) liquidity

2. Which of the following is not a limitation of an accounting standard?
a) Alternative Solutions to Certain Accounting Issues
b) A Trend May Occur Towards Rigidity and Digress from Flexibility in Utilizing the Accounting Standards.
c) Facilitate Comparison of Financial Statements
d) Cannot Countermand the Statute

3. Accounting treatment of a Capital Expenditure as Revenue expenditure creates _________
a) General Reserve
b) Secret Reserve
c) Capital Reserve
d) Revenue Reserve

4. Which of the following is not include in Balance sheet?
a) Verification of Assets and Liabilities
b) Vouching of Income and Expense Accounts Related to Assets and Liabilities
c) Examination of Adjusting and Closing Entries
d) Routine Check

5. Which of the following emphasizes, that comparative information must be presented for all amounts reported in only the previous period’s financial statements
b) Indian GAAP
d) Depends upon the implementation

6. Which accounting method, recognizes revenue when the cash is received
a) cash accounting
b) credit accounting
c) debit accounting
d) accrual accounting

7. Outstanding Wages is a
a) Real Account
b) Nominal Account
c) Current Account
d) Personal Account

8. Where does the financial transactions are first recorded?
a) journals
b) balance sheet
c) rough sheet
d) ledgers

9. Adjustment Entry for rent received in advance for next year would be _________
a) Advanced Rent A/C Dr To Rent A/C
b) Cash A/C Dr To Rent A/C
c) Rent Received A/C Dr To Rent Recieved in Advanced A/C
d) Cash A/C Dr To Rent Received In Advance A/C

10. Balance sheet audit includes verification of
a) Income and Expense Accounts Where Appropriate
b) Assets
c) Liabilities
d) All of These

11. Which of the following accounting assumption, dictates that the cost of an asset can be spread over its useful lifetime instead of being recorded as a one-time expense
a) None of these
b) Going Concern
c) Fixed Time Period
d) Separate Entity

12. What is the aim of accounting standard ?
a) All Of These
b) Ensuring Comparability Of Financial Statements
c) Lower The Accounting Dissimilarities
d) Standardize Diverse Accounting Policies

13. Which of the following accounting assumption, dictates that the finances of the business are completely independent of the personal finances of any of the owners
a) Separate Entity
b) None of these
c) Fixed Time Period
d) Going Concern

14. Which of the following statements is true?
a) Book-Keeping and Accounting are complementary to each other
b) Accounting starts from where Book-Keeping ends
c) Accounting and Book- Keeping are synonymous
d) Both Book-keeping and Accounting are complementary to each other and Accounting starts from where Book-keeping ends

15. Capital employed is equal to
a) Fixed Assets – Current Assets + Current Liabilities
b) Fixed Assets + Current Assets – Current Liabilities
c) Fixed Assets – Current Assets – Current Liabilities
d) Fixed Assets + Current Assets +Current Liabilities

16. Which financial statement, shows what a company owns and owes and its shareholders’ equity
a) Balance Sheet
b) Cash Flow Statement
c) Income Statement
d) None of these

17. Which of the following is not a current asset?
a) Cash at hand
b) Land and building
c) Bills Receivable
d) Inventory

18. Which financial statement, provides information on the profitability of a company over a period of time?
a) Cash Flow Statement
b) Income Statement
c) Balance Sheet
d) None of these

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