CIBN Exam Past Questions and Answers PDF Download [2017-2023]

cibn exam past questions

CIBN Exam Past Questions and Answers PDF Download: This page provides latest edition of past question papers for Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria exam. Our materials for CIBN exams are up to date, and contains recent copies of the exam question papers. Compiled PDF versions of all the category of  CIBN professional exam are available on this page.

Our focus on this page is on providing solutions that will help you excel in your exam. The degree to which you will past the exam, will largely depend on how well you prepared for it.On our part, we will be providing the most helpful an reliable past question papers. You can download Chartered Institute of Bankers examination past questions. Below are contents of CIBN professional exam past questions for each category.

CIBN MCP Past Questions

  • MF101 – Fundamentals of microfinance banks
  • MF102 – Managing microfinance banks
  • MF103 – Financial analysis and financial performance monitory of MFB’s
  • MF201 – Product development and management
  • MF202 –  Risk management by MFB’s
  • MF203 – Internal control and MIS
  • MF301 – The evolution management and regulation of microfinancing
  • MF302 – Financial analysis and performance monitoring in microfinance institutions
  • MF303 – Product development and marketing management
  • MF401 – Risk management and internal control in microfinance institution
  • MF402 – Ethics and cooperate governance
  • MF403 – Digital finance in microfinance institutions
  • MF404 –  Small and medium enterprise management and development.

CIBN Diploma Level Past Questions

  • Element of banking.
  • Basic economics
  • Accounting and business finance
  • Business law
  • Fundamentals of marketing
  • Information and communication technology
  • Quantitative techniques and business communication skills

CIBN Intermediate Professional Level

  • Financial economics
  • Financial and management accounting
  • Marketing and financial service
  • International trade and finance
  • Strategic management and leadership
  • Cooperate financial management.

CIBN Chartered Banker Level Past Questions

  • Banking law
  • Ethics and corporate governance
  • Bank lending and credit administration
  • Management of financial institutions and practice of banking

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CIBN Past Questions

Below are free CIBN past questions and answers. We are providing these questions as samples and excerpt from the complete document.

1. What will lower a company’s operating break-even point
a) An increase in total sales
b) An increase in selling price
c) An increase in the cost of goods sold
d) An increase in wages paid to employees

2. Which of the following is not a component of variable cost
a) Raw Material
b) All of these
c) Manufacturing Exp.
d) Administrative Exp.

3. What is capital investment
a) has the prospect of long-term benefits.
b) is only undertaken by large corporations.
c) has the prospect of short-term benefits.
d) applies only to investment in fixed assets.

4. What is an appropriate way to measure cash flows
a) Treat depreciation as a negative cash flow
b) Consider only incremental costs and revenues
c) All of the above
d) Consider only after-tax cash flows

5. What will be the required return if risk free return is 5%, beta vaue is 0.90 and risk premium is 12%
a) 5%+0.9*(12%)
b) 0.2
c) 0.256
d) 0.197

6. Risk premium is given by
a) None of these
b) X axis intercept of security market line
c) Y axis intercept of security market line
d) Slope of security market line

7. The costs which imply the profitability of default is

a) Bankruptcy costs
b) Indirect Bankruptcy costs
c) Direct Bankruptcy costs
d) All of these

8. What is the first stage in financial risk management process
a) financial risk analysis
b) financial risk manipulation
c) None of the above
d) Financial risk monitoring

9. What are the features of efficient portfolio risk?
a) Return maximisation
b) None of these
c) Risk minimisation
d) Both of these

10. Which of the following is a cost control tool used for estimating the financial impact of changes to the project scope?
a) Cost-benefit analysis
b) Pareto analysis
c) Change control system
d) Monte Carlo simulation

11. Which cost control technique involves determining the actual cost incurred for a specific work package or activity?
a) Cost tracking
b) Cost reconciliation
c) Cost aggregation
d) Cost estimation

12. What is the primary objective of cost control?
a) Minimizing project costs
b) Minimizing project duration
c) Minimizing project risks
d) Maximizing resource utilization

13. Which cost control method focuses on identifying and eliminating unnecessary costs?
a) Target costing
b) Activity-based costing
c) Value engineering
d) Cost of quality analysis

14. Which of the following best defines cost management?
a) Controlling costs throughout a project
b) Reducing expenses
c) Allocating resources efficiently
d) Maximizing profits

15. What does the term “cost baseline” refer to in cost management?
a) The initial budget estimate for a project
b) The target cost for completing a project
c) The projected cost at project completion
d) The approved project budget over time

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