CIIN Exam Past Questions and Answers (PDF Download 2017-2023)

CIIN Exam Past Questions and Answers: If you must score high in the forth coming exam of the Chartered Insurance Institute of Nigeria, then studying the past question papers is very necessary. This page provides up to date compilation of CIIN past questions, available in PDF. In this material, you will be able to find relevant questions and answers for different courses, and also understand the exam patterns.The material comes with correct answers, provided for each question.

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If you start preparing now, chances are that you will be able to pass the professional/qualifying exam at ease. We currently have CIIN past questions PDF on this page for the foundation level, intermediate level, and Associateship. Bellow are the contact for each exam category past question paers.

CIIN Foundation Level Past Questions

  • FO1 – Insurance, legal & regulatory
  • FO2 – General insurance business
  • FO3 – Life assurance, annuity and pensions administration
  • FO4 – Business communication and information technology
  • FO5 – Insurance underwriting process
  • FO6 – Motor insurance product
  • FO7 – Household insurance product
  • FO8 – Health insurance product

CIIN Intermediate Level Past Questions

  • IO1 – Insurance law
  • IO2 – Commercial property and business interruption insurance
  • IO3 – Insurance business and finance
  • IO4 – Business and Economics
  • IO5 – Business statistics and operations research
  • IO6 – Operational management
  • IO7 – Marine and aviation insurance
  • IO8 – Aviation and space insurance
  • IO9 – Insurance practice and regulations.

CIIN Associate Level Past Questions

  • AO1 – Risk regulation and capital adequacy
  • AO2 – Reinsurance: principles and applications
  • AO3 – Finance and accounting
  • AO4 – Principles of property and pecuniary insurance
  • AO5 – Life assurance
  • AO6 – Motor insurance
  • AO7 – Liberty insurance
  • AO8 – Risk management
  • AO9 – Marketing

CIIN Past Questions

Below are samples of free CIIN past questions. The questions and answers are given with correct options to choose the correct answer from.

  1. Under ________ insurance, loss of profit policy is called as consequential loss policy
    a) Marine
    b) Fire
    c) Property
    d) Life

2. __________ refers to the right of an insurer to refuse admittance of the claim by the insured.
a) Defalcation
b) Repudiation
c) Replication
d) None

3. Which insurance principle lists that insurer must provide the insured complete, correct and clear information of subject matter?
a) Principle of Utmost Good Faith
b) Principle of Insurable interest
c) Principle of Indemnity
d) None of these

4. Marine insurance is for one year or for a specified ________
a) Voyage
b) Year
c) Loss
d) None

5. The term ‘Assurance’ refers to ___________
a) Life Insurance business
b) Marine insurance
c) Motor Vehicle insurance
d) Fire insurance business

6. From the following which is not a content of the letter of intimation
a) Date of birth
b) Cause of death
c) Date of Death
d) Name of the life assured

7. ________ means insuring again.
a) General insurance
b) Double insurance
c) Coinsurance
d) Reinsurance

8. ________ insurance means an alternative to purchasing insurance in a commercial market.
a) Internal
b) Re insurance
c) Double
d) External

9. The risk of individuals and families are cored under ________
a) Liability insurance
b) All
c) Property insurance
d) Personal insurance

10. When does float method not advisable?
a) economically rising period
b) Depends upon the product
c) Depends upon the term
d) economically depressed period

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