CIPM Exam Past Questions and Answers [Download PDF | 2016-2023]

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CIPM exam past questions and answers: Are you searching for materials online that will help you prepare for the forth coming examination? If your answer is yes, then you can download CIPM past questions PDF on this page in just few minutes. Latest edition of the compiled past question papers, comprising of the recent copies are available on this page for instant download. The ones we have on this page includes the following;

  1. CIPM Foundation 1 past questions
  2. CIPM Foundation 2 past questions
  3. CIPM Intermediate 1 past questions
  4. CIPM Intermediate 2 past questions
  5. CIPM Professional 1 past questions
  6. CIPM Professional 2 past questions

The resit past question papers for all the exam categories of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Management of Nigeria (CIPM). If you are download from this page, then you are choosing the best and most authentic question papers on the internet, for CIPM exam. Below are contents of each of the exam categories.

CIPM Foundation 1 Exam Past Questions

  • Introduction to Management
  • Writing and Communication Skills
  • Introduction to Economics
  • Introduction to Accounting
  • Fundamentals of Psychology and Sociology.

CIPM Foundation 2 Exam Past Questions

  • Introduction to Personnel Management and Industrial Relations
  • Nigerian Business Environment
  • Business Law
  • Computer Application and Management Information System
  • Government and Nigerian Legal System

CIPM Intermediate 1 Past Questions

  • Business Administration
  • Advanced Economics
  • Accounting and Finance for Managers
  • Business Statistics and Social Research Methods

CIPM Intermediate 2 Past Questions

  • Training and Development
  • Public Administration
  • Manpower Planning
  • Comparative Management and Administration

CIPM Professional 1 Past Questions

  • Operations Research
  • Organisational Behavior and Performance
  • Insurance and Pension Management
  • Advanced Human Resource Management

CIPM Professional 2 Past Questions

  • Nigeria Labour Law
  • Advanced Industrial Relations
  • Advanced Human Resources Management II
  • Labour Market Analysis

CIPM Past Questions Samples

1. Which of the following statement holds true with reference to Organization Behavior?

a. Total system approach

b. A humanistic approach

c. All of these

d. An interdisciplinary approach

2.What does the term ‘psychology’ means?

a. None of these

b. Psyche

c. Soul

d. Anatomy

3. _______________ is not considered as a contributing discipline of OB.

a. Anthropology

b. sociology

c. Psychology

d. physiology

4.Who proposed the Process/administrative theory of organization?

a. W. Taylor

b. Elton Mayo

c. Henry Fayol

d. Max Weber

5. __________________ refers to the study of human behavior in an organizational setting.

a. None of these

b. Organizational behavior

c. Group behavior

d. Individual behavior

6. Satisfied employee will be a ________________.

a. manager

b. motivator to others

c. Team Leader

d. High performer

7. Which of the following are stimulated by events and people external to themselves that represents their feelings, learn by talking, and work well in groups?

a. positive personalities

b. Introverts

c. Extroverts

d. None of these

8. According to MBTI which type of people work based on hunches and feelings, use their imagination, and get the main idea while missing some of the facts?

a. Sensing personality people

b. Intuition personality people

c. Thinking personality people

d. Introversion personality people

9. Which of the following does not hold good with reference to organizational behavior?

a. Organizational behavior helps in analysis of behavior

b. Organizational behavior is goal-oriented

c. Organizational behavior is a disciplinary approach

d. Organizational behavior is an integral part of management

10. Who gave the Cognitive theory of learning?

a. Tolman

b. Piajet

c. Skinner

d. Pavlov

This material is provided in theory and objectives, including questions and the correct answers. The copies are available in PDF, and will be sent to your email or whatsapp depending on which medium you choose. If you must pass the Chartered Institute of Personnel Management of Nigeria (CIPM) exam, then it is important that you study the past question papers.

The benefits of study these past questions is that it will enhance your preparedness for the forth coming exam, as well as boost your chances of the scoring a high mark when your exams result is released.

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