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Download latest editions of Fidelity Bank past questions and answers on this page. We provide the original version and up to date copies here. The compilation was made possible by outsourcing question papers from candidates who took part in the previous exam interview over the past questions. This resource material is reliable and trustworthy. If you are looking for past questions to study, in preparation for fidelity bank recruitment selection test, then you can download the latest PDF version on this page.
The content on this material include verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, and lexis and structures. The questions on verbal reasoning are set to test your critical thinking ability. It contains word/sentence structures that will need you to think before you can find the answer to the questions given. The question paper is organized into categories, or what you may call sections.
The sections on quantitative reasoning contains questions that are set to evaluate your numerical abilities. It simply has to do with simple equations and mathematical problems. They basic in nature, and not the most difficult questions to answer. These questions and their answers are all contained in this document you are about to download.
The category for Lexis and structures are basic English language problems that has to do with words opposite or nearer to the words given in the questions. In this category, questions are provided that demands an empty space to be filled. An instruction is given on what to do, if it is a situation where an underlined word, or the empty spaces are required to be filled with a synonym or words opposite in meaning to the words given. The questions are basically structures in English language that are simply and easy to answer. But, you must think the question through in order to find the correct answer.
Fidelity bank exam past questions are available in PDF. They are up to date, and the latest version is what we have on this page. If you are about to start preparing for computer based test, then this material will be of great benefit to you. One of the benefit of the question papers is to expose you to the nature and patterns of the exams. In addition to that, correct answers are provided at the end of each question. So, you don’t need to stress much to find the correct answers, and provisions for that has already been made in the document.
Excerpt from the complete question paper are also provided on this page to help you have an understanding on what the past question looks like. You are going to find some of the questions given as samples. The essence of this is to enable you decide if you are satisfied with the past questions, and want to proceed to get the full copy. After going through these samples, if you are satisfied, then you may proceed to make your request for the full past question paper. This material will help you ace the examination, thereby giving you an edge over other candidates.

Fidelity Bank Past Questions PDF

1. If today is Monday, what day would it be after 61 days?
a. Tuesday
b. Thursday
c. Wednesday
d. Saturday

2. A man cycles along the boundary of a rectangular park with the ratio of its length and breadth is 3:2. If he cycles at a speed of 12km/hr and takes one complete round of the park in 8 minutes, find the area of the park.
a. 307200
b. 30720
c. 153600
d. 15360

3. Correct the sentence grammatically. No sooner do the bells ring than the curtain rose
a. had the bell rung
b. had the bell rang
c. did the bell ring
d. did the bells ring

4. If a sum of money is put at compound interest at 20% per annum, what is the minimum time in which the sum gets more than doubled?
a. 6.0
b. 4.0
c. 5.0
d. 3.0

5. Determine the exact time when the hands of the clock are in opposite directions between 4 and 5 o’clock
a. 45 min. past 4
b. 554/11 min. past 4
c. 600/11 min, past 4
d. 40 min. past 4

6. The sum of the present ages of a father and his son is 60 years. Six years ago, the age of the father was five times the age of the son. What will be the age of the son After 6 years.
a. 14 years
b. 12 years
c. 18 years
d. 20 years

7. A car takes 11 hours to complete an 11-hour journey, the first half is covered at 30 km/hr. and the second half at 25 km/hr. Find the distance traveled.
a. 400 km
b. 300 km
c. 375 km
d. 250 km

8. Two trains of same length running at a speed of 40 km/h and 70 km/h. If they cross each other in 45 minutes. Find the length of each train.
a. 800m
b. 300m
c. 500m
d. Can’t be determined

9. Considering the following pair of words, select the best pair among the options which illustrate a similar relationship. Rectangle: Pentagon
a. Circle: Square
b. Diagonal: Perimeter
c. Triangle: Rectangle
d. Side: Angle

10. Thirty men works for 9 hours & take 20 days to complete a job. How many hour a day should 40 men work to complete the job?
a. 8hrs
b. 7 (1/2) hrs
c. 9hrs
d. 7hrs

11. Select the word(s) to make a meaningful sentence. I shall call …… you tomorrow.
a. on
b. with
c. by
d. at

12. The perimeter and breadth of a rectangular pool is in a ratio of 5:1. If the area of the pool is 216, the length of the pool is:
a. Data inadequate
b. 24 cm
c. 18 cm
d. 16 cm

13. At the rate of 12% p.a. simple interest, a loan was taken by Bayo. After 3 years he had to pay N5400 interest only for the period. What is the principal amount borrowed by him?
a. 12500.0
b. 15000.0
c. 20000.0
d. N32,000

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