Nigeria Customs Past Questions and Answers PDF Download

Nigeria Customs Past Questions

Nigeria Customs Service Past Questions PDF

Nigeria Customs past questions answers: Download the latest editions of NCS past question and answer PDF on this page. Are you about write the Nigerian Customs Service online computer based test (CBT)? If yes, then it is relevant that you study the past examination questions compilations. This material is currently available for download on this page. It contains past examination questions and answers with up to the most recent ones. If you are looking for a comprehensive and up to date past questions for the aptitude test that is upcoming, then you are at the right page online, to get the PDF copies. By way of description, this material is available in PDF and can be downloaded through your email or whatsapp, and it takes less than a minute to do so. On this question papers, you will find questions and answers from the following categories;

  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Quantitative Reasoning
  • English language &
  • Current Affairs

The verbal reasoning category contains questions that are derived from sentence structure, and they demand critical thinking in most cases, to unravel their answers. Questions on English language are given in form of word problems. There are basics of lexis and structures in English studies, were you are given a sentence to find the word opposite or nearer to the word underlined. Sometimes you are asked to fill a blank space in a sentence, with the word that best completes the sentence. I believe by now you already a clear understanding of what these kind of questions look like.

The questions that are set to test your numerical ability is found in the quantitative reasoning section. In this category, you given questions about simply mathematics problems to solve. There are very basic and simply in nature. Studying them will help you understand the questions and how to find solutions to the questions that are given.

Nigeria Customs Past Questions

Go through the free Nigeria customs past questions and answers, given as samples below. Choose the option that best completes the gap
1. University students ……………… behave well.
(A) can
(B) should
(C) may
(D) must
2. Gloria …………. have finished the project two days ago.
(A) must
(B) may
(C) can
(D) supposed to
3. You are Goodluck, ……?
(A) are you?
(B) aren’t you?
(C) aren’t you?
(D) don’t you?
4. He ……………. not come now
(A) needs
(B) needed
(C) need
(D) will need
5. Janet ….to know that we are all here.
(A) suppose
(B) supposes
(C) is supposed
(D) should suppose
6. Let it be …. that there was no king in Ayegun.
(B) knew
(C) known
(D) knows
7. We shall see you soon, ……?
(A) shall we?
(B) shan’t we?
(C) shouldn’t we
(D) should we
8. Neither of the presidential candidates ……. suitable.
(A) are
(B) is
(C) is been
(D) are been suitable.
9. If I were the president, I …. ask for the money
(A) will
(B) should
(C) would
(D) can
10. I will see you after I …. spoken with your supervisor.
(A) might have
(B) have
(C) will have
(D) would have
11. “You …. now see the director”, the secretary told the visitors
(A) can
(B) may
(C) should
(D) would
12. She isn’t Gloria …?
(A) is she?
(B) isn’t she?
(C) aren’t she?
(D) doesn’t she? A
13. We have a bus, ……?
(A) didn’t we?
(B) haven’t we?
(C) doesn’t we?
(D) hasn’t we?
14. I knew David …. let us down.
(A) may
(B) will
(C) might
(D) can
15. You ………. me last week.
(A) ought to see
(B) ought to had seen
(C) ought to have seen
(D) had to have seen
16. Twenty dollars ___ enough for my lunch.
(A) are
(B) is
(C) are just
(D) suppose
17. The pests ____ our farm every year.
(A) invade
(B) invades
(C) has invades
(D) Evade
18. If I were the Governor, I …. ask for the project
(A) will
(B) should
(C) would
(D) can
19. When ……… the Cleric …. today?
(A) does/arrives
(B) does/arrived
(C) does/arrive
(D) do arrive
20. We shall see you soon, ……?
(A) shall we?
(B) shan’t we?
(C) shouldn’t we
(D) should we

21. You missed the match, ……?
(A) don’t you?
(B) didn’t you?
(C) hadn’t you?
(D)doesn’t you?
22. Walk the dog right now, ……?
(A) walkn’t you?
(B) will you?
(C)shall you?
(D)would you?
23. I am a student, ……….?
(A) I’m I?
(B) aren’t I?
(C) isn’t I?
(D) wouldn’t I?

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