Nigeria Police Past Questions and Answers 2023 PDF Download

Nigeria police past questions

Nigeria Police Past Questions PDF

Nigeria police Past questions and answers latest edition is available on this page for download in PDF. If you are looking for past questions for Nigeria police aptitude test, then you can download the recent compilations on this page. Here, we bring you compilations of the past questions papers of past years screening interview, and still counting. If you want to succeed in the online computer based test (CBT), then it is necessary that you study the past questions and answers.

The material comes with correct answers and solutions provide for each question in the PDF. On this note, you don’t have to go through the rigors of having to find answers by yourself, as they are already available. This compilation are comprehensive and up to date, and they are reliable for studies and revisions. We took our time on documenting these compilations and are they are trustworthy and relevant to for your exam preparation. You can find some samples on this page we have provided few excerpt from the complete material.

Nigeria Police Past question PDF comprises of sections in English language, quantitative reasoning, verbal reasoning, and current affairs. These categories are well arranged to capture the questions and options in each sections. You bound to see repeated questions which might likely appear again in the forth coming online CBT exams. Passing the screening test is necessary in the recruitment process, in order to be shortlisted. One of the best ways to pass the exams is by studying the past question papers.

Are you willing to give in your best for the exams that is up coming? If yes, then you have the best privilege right now with the past questions provided on this page for your exam preparation. As you study these past questions, you boost your chances of success in the test you are about take. If you can give in little effort regularly in studying this material, then be sure to pass the exam, as you will be exposed to the patterns and the nature of the exam. Let’s quickly explain the content on this material for you.

Questions on current affairs are basically about general knowledge, they are meant to test your knowledge of Nigeria current affairs and history facts. If you know most of the current affairs questions and answers, then you already have an eadge. The English language questions are mostly about lexis and structures, were you are asked to fill the blank spaces with the words nearer or opposite to the words given. If you are already familiar with these kind of question patterns, then you already know what I’m talking about.

The quantitative reasoning questions are given to test your numerical abilities, and you ability to solve simple mathematical/arithmetic problems. There are very basic, and not difficult or too technical. But trust me, if you don’t, then you have to learn. That is why you need to grab a copy of these past questions now.

Verbal reasoning are basically about sentence structures. The questions on verbal reasoning are given to test your critical thinking abilities. If you can critically analyse case scenarios with questions derived from it, then you are already a step ahead. Download Nigeria Police exam past questions, and you’ll see the benefits on the day of your exams.

Nigeria Police Past Questions

Below are free Nigeria police past questions and answers provided as samples. In the sentences given below, choose the option that best completes the sentences.

1. If only Adoyi … what was good for him he could easily have avoided the tragedy.
A. has known
B. have known
C. knew
D. had known.
2. We saw Ifueko … an egg on the wall.
A. smashed
B. smash
C. smashing
D. smashes.
3. Many streets in the town … in need of lights at night.
A. stand
B. stood
C. have stood
D. are standing.
4. I did not enjoy the party. If you had invited Tariere, it …
better organized.
A. had been
B. would have been
C. would be
D. could be
5. Sibi … novels since she came home
A. is reading
B. had been reading
C. has read
D. has been reading.
6. Asabe is overdue for retirement as she… in this college since 1954.
A. is teaching
B. has been teaching
C. taught
D. was teaching.
7. The boy who stole mango was given …byan eye witness.
A. out
B. in
C. away
D. up.
8. After listening to the statements form the two students, the headmaster realized that it was a trivial argument that … a serious quarrel between them.
A. touched in
B. drew in
C. touched off
D. brought up

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