Nigerian Navy Past Questions and Answers 2023 PDF Download

Nigerian Navy Past Questions PDF Download

Nigerian Navy past questions and answers: This page provides the latest edition of Nigerian navy question papers for PDF download, and covers the past years screening examination questions. The questions are complied with the correct answers provided for each question. Do you want to prepare for Nigerian navy aptitude test? If yes, you can download recent copies of the past examination questions and answers on this page.

The material is made of English language, general knowledge, quantitative and verbal reasoning. The sections for English language is basically about lexis and structures, where questions are either asked to filled the blank spaces with the words nearer in meaning or opposite in meaning. It’s not usually something that is very tough but can be technical in some way. In most cases, it will require you to think critically before you answer.

General knowledge are basically current affairs. If you are familiar with current affairs about Nigeria/world history and politics, then you half way at answering some of these questions by yourself. However, we have provided the past year’s current affairs questions and answers in the compilation.

The quantitative reasoning questions are set to test your numerical abilities. In most cases, this is not usually very difficult. Questions and answers about quantitative reasoning, also contained in the material you are about to download. The verbal reasoning category comprises of sentence stuctures that are intended to test your aptitude and reasoning abilities. You definitely have to think some questions through in other to be able to answer the questions given.

This material is a must have, if you want to pass the screening test. We took the time compile the past questions and answers to capture the exam questions up to three years interview. The questions are up to date, and only the latest editions are up for grabs. You can download Nigerian navy exam past questions on this page, and have it delivered to your email or whatsapp immediately.

The content of this material will help you effectively prepare for the forth coming exam. You will also be exposed to the nature and patterns of the exams, which are necessary in a revision. Studying this material is a step ahead at boosting your chances in passing the screening interview. If you care about succeeding in the aptitude test, then you can get the question papers to begin your preparation.

Samples of these questions are provided on this page for your review, before downloading the full question paper. Most people are interested in seeing samples of the material first before opting to place order for the full package, that’s why we have provided these samples so that you can have an idea what is contained in the full material. If you are satisfied after studying these samples, then you can proceed to download the full ebook. The material is up to date, reliable, and relevant for your studies. You may find these questions repeated and being familiar with the questions and answers is much benefits.

Nigerian Navy Past Questions

The following are free Nigerian Navy past questions and answers. We are providing these free past questions as samples for the Nigerian navy exams. Choose the right option that best completes completes the sentence given below.

1. Dele has always been shy to speak …
A. in public
B. publicly
C. in the public
D. with the public.

2. … his uncle helped him or not, he would still not be able to do it.
A. Although
B. If
C. Whether
D. Since.

3. I have only three tubers of yam … in the store, I cannot afford to give you any more.
A. still
B. outstanding
C. left
D. remainder

4. Before the bill could be settled, Chuwang…all the money.
A. has spent
B. will have spent
C. had spent
D. will spent.

5. Either the chief of the leader of the farmers…to be held responsible for the revolt.
A. were
B. are
C. is
D. have.

6. We must observe that most of the support by other states … only marginal returns.
A. have yielded
B. yield
C. has yielded
D. have yield.

7. She asked me whether I … the letter for her.
A. minded to post
B. mind to post
C. minded posing
D. minded to posting.

8. The effort made by the principal to get the students to be serious in their studies …
A. are appreciate
B. will appreciate
C. isto appreciate
D. is appreciated.

9. How I wish I … my mother’s advice.
A. had heeded
B. have heeded
C. heed
D. will heed.

10. Only observers from the Ministry of Works … allowed into the conference room.
A. is
B. are
C. have
D. been.

11. A panel set up to probe the organization’s activities … yet to sit
A. are
B. is
C. will
D. would.

12. The school will … for Easter in another six weeks.
A. break off
B. break away
C. break out
D. break up.

13. His power supply was … from the main because he did not pay his electricity bill.
A. blown out
B. cut off
C. put off
D. put out.

14. When you’ve finished using the telephone, please hang …
A. down
B. up
C. off
D. on.

15. I do not intend to stay for long at the function. I only want to …
A. put in an appearance
B. put up appearance
C. show up appearance
D. keep up appearance.

16. The man rose to an important position as a result of … hard work.
A. sheer
B. cheer
C. share
D. shear.

17. Ebun Ojo … international fame as an actress
A. aquired
B. acquired
C. acquared
D. aqcuired

18. The story on the lost jewel was quite …
A. unbelievable
B. unbeliveable
C. unbelieveable
D. unbelivable

19. The patient is suffering from …

20. The attitude of my students to … baffles me
A. pronunciation
B. pronouncation
C. pronunceation
D. pronounceation

21. When we got to the president’s house, we were told that he … two days earlier.
A. may have left
B. left
C. had left
D. has left.

22. Baba, without giving any hint as to what he intended to do, went and … himself.
A . hung
B. hang
C. hanged
D. hunged

23. Provided you … to the market very soon, we shall be able to eat early enough.
A. shall go
B. would go
C. went
D. go

24. He … by now; I can hear all the people shouting:
A. would have arrived
B. must have arrived
C. had arrived
D. should have arrived

25. By the time the plane reaches Harare, it … in the air for twelve hours.
A. has been
B. would be
C. would have been
D.should be

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