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NIM MPE Past Questions

NIM MPE past questions and answers: Download the latest editions of Nigerian Institute of Management MPE past questions on this page. Are you about to write the forth coming Nigerian Institute of Management examination for the MPE? Do you need relevant study materials for your preparations? If yes, then you have arrived at the best place to download up to date NIM exams past questions and answers. This material includes the most recent year’s exam question papers.
Our focus is on providing latest editions and compiling up to atleast three to five past question papers that are recent. If you want recent copies of this material then you should choose us as your vendor. Our material covers all the courses for MPE, NYSC, PGDM, and MCPEP programmes of the Nigerian Institute of Management. In the sections below, we shall list the past questions for the courses we have available in our store. If you find any of these courses or past questions relevant to your need, then you can place order immediately and let us know the courses you want past questions for.
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NIM Past Questions and Answers

The following are content on the NIM MPE past questions and answers.

  • MPE 203/304. Human Capital Management.
  • MPE 007 – Principles of Economics
  • MPE 106 – Financial Management
  • 003/102 – Communication Skills for Managers
  • MPE 202 – Public Relations
  • MPE 303 – Business Policy and Strategy
  • MPE 204/305 Managerial Finance
  • MPE 303 – Comparative Management
  • MPE 108/201 – Leadership Development
  • MPE 105/208 – Marketing Management
  • MPE 306 – Organisational Behaviour
  • MPE 005 – Principles of Accounting
  • MPE 205 – Operations Management
  • MPE 006/103 – Entrepreneurship
  • MPE 101 – Management Principles and Techniques
  • MPE 207 – Management Information System (MIS)
  • MPE 301 – Management Case Analysis
  • MPE 206 – Health, Safety and Environmental Management
  • MPE 008/104 – Corporate Law
  • MPE 107/209/307 – Business Ethics and NIM Act.

NIM MPE Past Questions and Answers

Below are free NIM past questions and answers

1. Which inventory costs are associated with storing of the inventory
a) None of these
b) procurement costs
c) holding costs
d) stock-out costs

2. Which supply chain strategy involves the pull approach to production
a) differentiation
b) lean production
c) agile
d) None of these

3. Which factor influences the most to the consumers’ perception of quality?
a) Industry standards
b) Audit results
c) Service and repair policies
d) Company financial performance

4. What responsibility does a change agent has for the organization?
a) Overcome fear of the unknown
b) Determine performance criteria
c) Identify which group is responsible for failures
d) Reorganize departments

5. Which is the factor plays primary role in the successful implementation of six sigma?
a) the support and leadership of top management
b) the necessary resources
c) a comprehensive training program
d) explicit customer requirements

6. Which supply chain strategy involves the principle of postponement
a) agile
b) lean production
c) differentiation
d) None of these

7. What is the main focused activity under ABC analysis?
a) the most time and effort verifying the accuracy of records for B items.
b) more in inventory security for C items.
c) extra care in forecasting for C items.
d) more in supplier development for A items.

8. Which of the following levels of operations planning are not of tactical nature
a) long term
b) short term
c) medium term
d) None of these

9. Which level of capacity management process involves thinking in terms of months and weeks
a) aggregate planning
b) master scheduling
c) None of these
d) short-term scheduling

10. Which of the following tool is used first to gain a clear understanding of the current process?
a) Flowchart
b) Latin square DOE
c) Pareto chart
d) Process FMEA

NIM NYSC Past Questions and Answers

You can download NIM NYSC past questions on this page. The material covers all the courses in Nigerian Institute of Management NYSC examination.

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