School of Nursing Urua Akpan Past Questions and Answers PDF

School of Nursing Urua Akpan Past Questions

School of Nursing Urua Akpan Past Questions and answers PDF is available on this page for download. Are you in need of the past question papers? If yes, we have up to date copies which are compiled from previous entrance examination at the school of nursing Urua Akpan. The material is available in PDF and can be downloaded through email or whatsapp. We recommend whatsapp for instant delivery of the material.

Are you aspiring to perform well in school of nursing Urua Akpan entrance examination? If your answer is yes, then you are at the right place to get the genuine past questions The secret to passing any exam is by studying and reading. We provide latest editions of past questions for school of nursing Urua Akpan on this page. This material and relevant to entrance exam you are about to take.

The contents on this question paper are derived from four subject areas, which are biology, chemistry, English language and physics. Does the past questions come with correct answers? The answer is yes, correct answers are provided in the compilation. At the end of each section, you will find the list of correct answers provided for each question in a particular section/ subject area.

School of nursing Urua Akpan past questions PDF exposes you to the nature of the exams, were you get to find out the format and patterns of the examination, based on how the were conducted in the past. In most cases, you will find repeated questions. Chances are that they might still be repeated again. This benefit gives you the opportunity to focus on areas where questions could be set from.

In each of the questions given, a list of options are also provided for you to choose the correct answers from. Thus, the questions are objective and arranged for each subject combinations in the exam question papers. One of the ways to pass the entrance examination is by studying school of nursing Urua Akpan past questions and answers, and you can download a copy here right now.

On this page, we are going to show you free samples for you to go through first before you download the complete past question papers. The questions are derived from the full material. We are providing these questions in order for you to have an idea about what and what is contained in the complete study pack.

English Language Questions

Choose the option nearest in meaning to the group of words italicized.

1. The story has to be taken with a grain of salt. This means that

A. you need some salt to listen to the story.

B. there is no salt in the story.

C. the story is questionable

D. the story is true

E. you have too much salt in the story.

2.It is usually hard to change the course of action when one crosses the Rubicon. The italicized expression, as used in this sentence, means to

A. pass through a place called Rubicon

B. cross a river called Rubicon

C. cross a bridge called Rubicon

D. pass a special test

E. be irrevocably committed.

3. The salesman tried to pull the wool over my eyes. This implies that the salesman tried to

A. force me to buy his goods

B. offer me cotton wool

C. make me buy his wool

D. dupe me

E. cover my eyes with wool.

4. Ijeoma counted her chickens before they were hatched. This means that Ijeoma
A. regarded each egg as a chicken B. hatched the eggs prematurely
C. assumed that her expectations had already been realized.
D. protected her eggs from breaking.
E. insured the eggs.

5. Solo has resigned his job with the Textile mills. He doesn’t seem to worry about getting another job. His plans are still quite in the air. This means that his plans are
A. airmailed
B. air tight
C. uncertain
D. certain
E. airborne

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Chemistry Questions

1. Which of these gases can be collected by downward delivery
A. Ammonia
B. Chlorine
C. Flourine
D. Hydrogen
E. Nitrogen

2. In the laboratory preparation of chlorine, the gas is passed through water before collection so as to
A. Cool the chlorine gas
B. Enable the gas to be diluted
C. Increase the volume of chlorine gas
D. Remove hydrogen chloride gas
E. Remove manganese (IV) oxide.

3. Which of the following is a property of metals? They are/have
A. brittle
B. ductile
C. low densities
D. low melting and boiling points
E. poor conductors of heat and electricity.

4. Fluoride ions are sometimes added in the treatment of town water supply to
A. improve coagulation
B. kill germs and bacteria
C. prevent tooth decay
D. make the water tasteful
E. speed up sedimentation

5. A solution which resist changes in pH when a small amount of an acid or a base is added to it is known as
A. acidic
B. basic
C. buffer
D. neutral
E. saturated.

Biology Questions

1. Which of the following organisms carries out photosynthesis?
A. Amoeba
B. Euglena
C. Paramecium
D. Plasmodium
E. Volvox

2. Cellular respiration occurs in the ………
A. Chloroplast
B. Endoplasmic reticulum
C. Good vacuole
D. Mitochondrion
E. Nucleus

3. The following diseases are airborne excerpt
A. Cholera
B. Measles
C. Meningitis
D. Pneumonia
E. Small pox

4. In mammals, sperms are formed in the
A. Cowper’s gland
B. Scrotal sac
C. Seminal vesicle
D. Seminiferous tubules
E. Vas deferens

5. The following are functions of sympathetic nervous system except
A. Dilation of pupil of eye
B. Inhibition of saliva secretion
C. Reduction of blood pressure
D. Reduction of urine output
E. Stimulation of ejaculation

Physics Questions

1. Which of the following electromagnetic waves is least energetic?
A. Infra-red rays
B. X-rays
C. Ultra-violet rays
D. Gamma rays

2. The velocity ratio of a machine is 5 and its efficiency is 75%. What effort would be needed to lift a load of 150N with the machine?
A. 20N
B. 30N
C. 40N
D. 50N

 3. A boy observes a piece of stone at the bottom of a river 6.0m deep. If he looks from the surface of the river, what is the apparent distance of the stone from him? [Refractive Index of Water = 4/3]
A. 8.0m
B. 5.5m
C. 5.0m
D. 4.5m

4. A certain radioactive source emits radiations that were found to be deflected by both magnetic and electric fields. The radiations are
A. beta rays
B. gamma rays
C. x-rays
D. unltr-violet rays

5. The pressure of a given mass of a gas changes from 300Nm-2 to 120Nm-2 while the temperature drops from 127°C to -73°C. The ratio of the final volume to the initial volume is
A. 2 : 5
B. 5 : 4
C. 5 : 2
D. 4 : 5

School of Nursing Urua Akpan Past Questions

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